5 Motivational TED Talks

Have you ever done such an intense workout that your body felt like jello afterward? Your arms would scream at you every time you made a left turn on your drive home. Your legs trembled when you attempted to flop into bed. Or, your abs would wince at the very thought of motion.

Then comes your hero: Mr. Heating pad or Ms. Ice pack. Separately or together, they make you feel so much better and make you feel that maybe, just maybe, it was all worth it. Then, after a wonderful night’s rest, you’re motivated to do it all again.

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Are You Ready to Overcome Fear?

With God we can overcome fear and live a fearless life.

Fear is an emotion that always comes knocking on the door of our heart alongside other emotions such as anxiety, sadness, anger or doubt. That is because fear needs other emotions to thrive. Can you believe it? Fear believes in teamwork and exercises that belief every time it is at play. Yet, God wanted to empower me to live fearlessly through a story.

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It’s All About Following God’s Leading!

Welcome to One Source Blog. Pointing you to the one true source of you

I am feeling so many emotions right now! I am excited, a bit stressed, nervous, humbled, but mostly excited! Why? Because I have been blogging for about five years and getting to this point—of relaunching my blog after a two-year hiatus—has been quite a journey. There have been many highs and many looows following God’s leading.

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