How We’re Called to Love as God Loves

How We're Called to Love as God Loves | Blog Post | Christian lifestyle


What are you willing to die for? Who are you willing to die for?

Neither one of these questions always produces a simple answer.  There are so many variables involved, that it actually pains me to think of the answer. Questions come to mind such as: how would I die? Do I have to die? What type of person would I die for? What type of person does it make me if I don’t have a list, that is pages long, of people? Does this mean that I don’t really love others?

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Build Your Confidence on Your Journey of Success

5 steps to help you recognize how far you've come on your journey. Leave doubt behind.

Do you ever find it difficult to evaluate how successful of a life you’re living? Do you compare yourself to others in a similar place in life? Or maybe you have an internal barometer that you try to measure up to.

Too often, I find that I compare myself to others in a similar walk of life. Doesn’t matter if they’re single or married, work in a cubicle or are a CEO, have never left the state or have traveled the world, I just check to see if I measure up to how successful they appear to be.

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