It’s All About Following God’s Leading!

I am feeling so many emotions right now! I am excited, a bit stressed, nervous, humbled, but mostly excited! Why? Because I have been blogging for about five years and getting to this point—of relaunching my blog after a two-year hiatus—has been quite a journey. There have been many highs and many looows following God’s leading.

Ignoring God’s Leading

There was a point when I had given up and was ready to walk away from writing forever. Yet, for some reason, I couldn’t get away from the tug at my heart. I knew that the Holy Spirit was trying to strike up a conversation concerning my blogging calling (yes, I knew that it was my calling). I wasn’t ready to have that conversation…. It always amazes me how patient God is (Romans 2:4). Mercy.

Finally, after about a year and a half, I slowly began to let the Holy Spirit’s word slowly enter into my spirit. I didn’t fully like what I was hearing so I continued to keep my walls up. Then we enter into the year 2017. As with 2016, God was determined to start the year off with a bang and He sure got my attention. The message: to follow Me is to know Me.

God’s message to us: to follow me is to know me.
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Once again, he was trying to revitalize our intimacy. I jumped on that because getting intimate with God is always so fulfilling! Finally, I was ready to accept the words the Holy Spirit had been kneading into my mind. Suddenly I was ready. 100% of me was ready to not just blog, but minister through written word. I have had a deep-seated passion for writing, discovered about 18 years ago, and I am going to use it.

It's not easy always saying "Yes" when God speaks to us. How will things work out? Will it be painful? But God is such a great God, he is working everything for our good.


So, Welcome to the new One Source blog!

One Source blog points you to the one source of our success…God. We are told that there will be hard times (John 16:33) and good times while living on this planet. We are also promised that we can overcome all obstacles with the strength of Jesus (Philippians 4:13).

One of the lessons that have been drilled into my mind throughout this miracle-filled process was how I need to cast fear aside. When I consciously began to gauge how much I allowed fear to take control of my heart from day-to-day, I was shocked. Honestly, I thought I had more faith than what I saw. I thought I was stronger. I thought that was conquering this thing called faith. Then God brought me before a mirror gave me his eyes. Then….I saw the real me.

The Real Me

The real me wasn’t all that and a bag of chips. The real me didn’t have this thing called faith conquered. The most real part of Shana needed all the help that she could get from the almighty God. I just needed to be sanctified. Then He would transform me into the fearless being he created me to be. The fearless me would have to change a few things in here everyday life.

This meant that I would wake up earlier in the morning without fear of how grumpy I would be throughout the day. It also meant that I would not stress about trying to control every bit of my time because I could trust the author of time to guide my every step. These two examples may seem simple enough, but, boy, they are no joke to me.

You’re Not Alone

If you ever think that you are the only one who has deep-seated fears to work through, just think of Shana the anti-morning person waking before dawn.  With flat curls trying to escape from my hair scarf and a soft pillow calling my name, I fear that I will begin to resent God for making me do this. He knows how much I looove sleep. Why would he torture me so?

You are not alone. There are plenty of things that will come our way, big and small, to challenge our trust in God. We must hold onto our faith instead of our doubts. Let go fear and allow God to lead. He isn’t out to torture us but sets out to bless us. Following God’s leading is a process. A process that requires supernatural intervention.

Following God’s leading is a process. A process that requires supernatural intervention. #LetGod
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God has poured out his Spirit on this earth for such a time as this. A time when his children need one another to make it through. A time in earth’s history when we daily see signs pointing out that we’re living in the last days. Look to God! He is already working things out for your good.

Follow God's leading

In what ways are you seeing God’s leading in your life? What is the most challenging aspect of always following God’s leading? Share your thoughts and prayer requests with me.  


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