Five Minute Friday: Steady

It’s Five Minute Friday time! #Fmf is an amazing writing community who come together every Friday. A one-word prompt is revealed Thursday night and you’ll have, you guessed it, five minutes to free write.

Then you link up with the other fabulous people and enjoy reading what each other wrote. You just never know what a single word will mean to another person. Let’s write!

Five Minute Friday: Worth

#fmfparty It's free write time. What comes with mind when you hear the word "STEADY"? Join Five Minute Friday community today.



I feel as though I want to burst into action. I have received God’s vision for my life and I’m ready to go!

Come on, God! What’s the holdup? This is the direction that you told me to head. Come on!

I am excited and nervous all at once. Then, a stumbling block falls right in front of me and I stumble to my knees. I look to my left and then to my right. Where did this boulder come from?!

My eyes scan all around me looking for my Savior. Had I left Him behind when I raced off in a hurry? Oh no!!

My head drops and I am overwhelmed with disappointment. I have failed again….

Then I feel a light tap on my shoulder. I look up and see a pair of loving eyes gazing back at me. A strong hand is extended and a kind voice speaks to me.

He reminds me that even in my haste, He was with me. I may have lost sight of Him, but he never lost sight of me.

He lifts me up and dusts off my clothes for me.

He holds me steady and invites me to once again begin to walk with him in the direction He’s called me to go. He’s my steady anchor.


God is my steady anchor. #teamJesus
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Quote: God is my steady anchor. One Source Blog

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Now, it’s your turn. What comes to mind when you hear the word “STEADY?” What do you think is worth your time? Go ahead and leave a comment and let me know. I can’t wait to read what you were thinking!

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