Five Minute Friday: Play

It’s Five Minute Friday time! #Fmf is an amazing writing community who come together every Friday. A one-word prompt is revealed Thursday night and you’ll have, you guessed it, five minutes to free write.

Then you link up with the other fabulous people and enjoy reading what each other wrote. You just never know what a single word will mean to another person. Let’s write!

Five Minute Friday: Play

#fmfparty It's free write time. What comes with mind when you hear the word "PLAY"? Join Five Minute Friday community today.



Hmm…. What comes to mind when I see the word “play”?

I think about joy. I see smiles running across faces.  I see a quality of life.

Every day we get up out of bed with a purpose. Whether we work from home or have to commute to an office, we have to earn a living. Then we must take care of ourselves and a family if we have one. The to-do list is always growing.

Sometimes the day goes well and other times it can feel as though the world is on our shoulders. So, that’s why we must take breaks, get a good night’s rest, and eat well. In order to get through the tough times, we have to take the time to enjoy things we love.So, play.

So, play.

Play music and do a little dance.

Go play a fun game of checkers.

Play a board game with friends and family.

Get a crew together and play a few games of volleyball.

Don’t just work hard. Live! Enjoy yourself, friend. You deserve it.


Don’t just work hard. Live! Enjoy yourself, friend. You deserve it.
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Quote: Don't just work hard. Live! Enjoy yourself, friend. You deserve it!

If you are interested in something fun like Five Minute Friday, aka #fmfparty, then visit It really doesn’t require much of you to participate. Just an interest in writing for five minutes once a week and supporting other writers. You will be richly blessed!

Now, it’s your turn. What comes to mind when you hear the word “PLAY?” What fun things do you love to do? Go ahead and leave a comment and let me know. I can’t wait to read what you were thinking!

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