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From my about me page, you learned that I love connecting with people—especially through recommendations. I couldn’t help myself and began a search for other bloggers to connect with.  Not only did I want to connect with other bloggers, but I wanted to share them with others. Like others, I have been in the position where I have found one great blog and didn’t know where to find similar blogs.

That what this page is all about—easily connecting you similar bloggers/blogs that you be blessed by. They are God-fearing women whose words reflect the goodness of God in their lives. Real women who are willing to be transparent with you. They all have different backgrounds, but all point their readers to the one source of their success… God.

Enjoy visiting each of the blogs and if you have a particular blog that you love and would like to recommend, just email me at Thanks!

Heading Home

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This blog is called Heading Home because Kate strives to remind herself daily that this world is not our home. This life is just temporary, and yet every day is one step closer to eternity. She writes about a wide range of topics including parenting, grief, diversity, and book reviews, but her main goal is to encourage readers to keep an eternal perspective.

Life Before Eternity

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Millenial Titania is a Christian writer, blogger, and influencer ready to empower you to love God, love people, and make disciples in your zip code and across the globe. After becoming a Christian in 2010, inviting others to know God immediately became her passion.

Growing in Faith

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Twenty-something, female, Iowan, Peace Corps Volunteer, teacher, gardener, Central College graduate, younger sister, daughter, single, curious, lover of languages, wanderer, book lover, and Christian. The last one is the most important, and the reason for the existence of this blog. I was compelled by the Lord to begin blogging about my journey in faith, and here I begin. Where it leads, only the Lord knows.

The Quiet Place Blog

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It is our hope that you will meet us here to find rest in God’s word, and rest in knowing that he always meets us right where we are at, no matter what we are going through. So find a quiet place, grab a Bible, and soak up God’s word.

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