Keep Your Head Up, My Friend!

No matter how hard life tries to bring you down, keep your head up. Stay happy, joyful, and positive! | One Source Blog Post

Keep Your Head Up!

Life is full of surprises. Tomorrow could be the best day of your life or a day filled with one disaster after another. It’s up to us to decide if we’re going to be like Tigger and bounce around with joy despite the hard times or drag our feet and hang our heads like Eeyore.

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Build Your Confidence on Your Journey of Success

5 steps to help you recognize how far you've come on your journey. Leave doubt behind.

Do you ever find it difficult to evaluate how successful of a life you’re living? Do you compare yourself to others in a similar place in life? Or maybe you have an internal barometer that you try to measure up to.

Too often, I find that I compare myself to others in a similar walk of life. Doesn’t matter if they’re single or married, work in a cubicle or are a CEO, have never left the state or have traveled the world, I just check to see if I measure up to how successful they appear to be.

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5 Motivational TED Talks

Have you ever done such an intense workout that your body felt like jello afterward? Your arms would scream at you every time you made a left turn on your drive home. Your legs trembled when you attempted to flop into bed. Or, your abs would wince at the very thought of motion.

Then comes your hero: Mr. Heating pad or Ms. Ice pack. Separately or together, they make you feel so much better and make you feel that maybe, just maybe, it was all worth it. Then, after a wonderful night’s rest, you’re motivated to do it all again.

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