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Shana Browne About Me Page

Who is Shana Browne? I am a single woman who is proud to call herself a daughter of God! Can I get a witness?? I am proud to represent the countries of the United States and Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago).  I have lived in quite a few states, but I will forever be a Floridian.

When I reflect on my life, I see that I would not change a thing. Why? Because it has led me to who I am today. I have endured a lot of hardship, pain, and have experienced intense situations that by the grace of God I made it through.

Through it all, I’ve grown immensely, learned more about myself and fallen deeply in love with my Savior. There is so much joy in my heart and a ton of hope for the future.

Social Social Social Media!

I love how technology gives us the ability to connect with each other no matter where in the world we live. Social media is a powerful tool and I love harnessing its power. By day I work in the field of marketing connecting people to an amazing organization that sponsors children in poverty living in Southern Asia.

By night I work with to help people develop their social media presence and harness the power of making connections. Altogether, I have the ability to learn more about those around me and hear many powerful testimonies.

Youth Leader

Working with youth gives me life! I see how mentors have played a huge role in my life and I am determined to be that for the next generation. So, I put down my phone, ask them to put theirs down, and we just talk. We engage, we learn, we experience, and we draw closer to God. I’m often times surprised by how much they teach me. 😉

Just a Few More Things About Me

I am a woman of many interests. When it comes down to it, I have a serious love for almost anything artistic, sportsy, and musical. Google was created for people like me who want to learn everything. I looove the outdoors and can’t believe I spend as much time indoors as I do. Rough times…. By the way, the Baltimore Ravens are the best NFL team ever!! I’m just saying.

Shana Browne About Me Page

Catch Me if You Can!

Traveling is my middle name. I am proud of how many states I’ve been able to visit and my international travels. One day I will conquer all 50 states and all continents. This world was made for me to conquer.

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